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Testimonials | Macalian Properties Inc



I have known Allan Asselstine for over fifteen years. During this time period, I have dealt with him on several business transactions and have gotten to know him on a personal basis. I have always found Allan to be extremely knowledgeable about real estate, a person of high integrity and one who demonstrates an understanding of the issues faced within the business arena. It is without a doubt that he has the focus, perseverance and then some, to be successful. As a real estate investor, he has continued to demonstrate exceptional results, during an economic time period that has presented both issues and opportunities from the most unexpected places. It is without reservation that I would recommend him in any business endeavor

- E. Carl Goff, BBT Bank


Rarely do you find the depth of knowledge, integrity and professionalism in one individual along with personal experience that Allan Asselstine has gained in his years working in the commercial real estate industry. Having been involved in many transactions with Allan gives me the confidence to put my trust in his advice and counsel.

- Barry Seidel, CEO, American Property Group.


AT&T has rented space from Allan for over 15 year. Allan is extremely responsive to any issues I have, has always been proactive in making improvements for tenants and customers and I would always recommend any prospective tenant to rent space in one of his buildings. At the same time, he definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to running well-maintained, smoothly operating commercial properties. Additionally, Allan is always professional, great listener and always follows up.

- William McConahay, Retail Sales Manager, AT&T


I have had the pleasure to work with Mr. Asselstine professionally for many years in my capacity as a commercial lender. I manage a large portfolio of commercial real estate loans for entities owned by Mr. Asselstine. In my dealings with Mr. Asselstine, he has been the consummate professional. Extremely organized, and able to provide all requested underwriting information and requested updated information for our loan files in a timely manner. He is a sophisticated investor, who understands and likes to discuss various financing structures and options. It is a pleasure to work through detailed loan scenarios with him until a mutually beneficial arrangement is determined. Mr. Asselstine is also a very disciplined and patient real estate investor and knows how to do his due diligence before entering into an investment opportunity. Lastly, Allan is a very good negotiator, fair but diligent!

- Dimitrios Vafeas, Vice President, Commercial and Private Banking


Over ten years ago I met Allan Asselstine when I was the President & CEO of People’s Community Bank. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge…His unwavering commitment to prudent investment principles was evident in every one of our conversations. The Bank was fortunate to have the opportunity to assist Allan with financing on one of his projects….Allan always performed as agreed. Between 2006-2008, Allan’s self-discipline was unique in the marketplace and ultimate allowed him to avoid the financial downfall that many others endured. I cannot say enough positive things about Allan.

- Neil D. McCurry, Jr., President & CEO


I have known Allan as a partner, advisor and friend for over 15 years. He is not only smart and methodical but has an exceptional ability to look at the national economy, a local economy and a particular real estate investment as a whole. This understanding of the ‘environment in which a property lives’ combined with excellent analytical skills and many years of experience makes him uniquely qualified as a trusted source when I need help to think through an important investment opportunity or idea.”

- John W. Balliett, CEO, Charter One Hotels & Resorts, Inc.